How to Make Money as a Gamer

How to Make Money as a Gamer

If you are spending more hours playing games and wonder if you can possibly make  money from gaming, then you are lucky enough because there are many ways  on how to make money as a gamer even if you are new to this  field. So better dust your personal computer now and start making money through gaming and see big cash roll in.

Are you thinking how to do it? Consider the following ways:

  • Being a Game Tester

If you are one of those gamers who need to get your hands on new games before anyone else, being a game tester is ultimately appealing. Truth is, being a game tester is also fun and this sounds profitable as well. Game testing is actually where big video game companies hire game testers to test games under development and report glitches and problems they discover. Numerous gamers do game testing as a means to make money through gaming and some even consider this as a great experience especially those who wanted to enter the gaming industry.

In order to become a decent game tester, you will need excellent attention span in order not to be bored or not to lose focus. You will also need to be detailed oriented to effectively spot bugs as well as describe precise steps into the development team in order to help them fix the issues. If you really want to make money through gaming, always look for job posting on larger development companies.

  • Through Gamer Blog

Another way to also make money through blogging is to create and start gaming blogs. When starting a blog, you need to talk about something that you are passionate about and things that would entice more individuals. Starting gaming blogs can pay you decent amount of money and this undertaking is fun and interesting as well. When creating blogs, do not just throw your thoughts and ideas. Think about the games to blog about and deliver interesting contents. You can also start with big games, you can add images or graphics and you can also produce videos for your blogs.

  • Starting a YouTube Channel

It cannot be denied that YouTube is the easiest way of making money. So if you want more streams of cash through gaming, you can achieve this by starting a YouTube channel. Many individuals think that video channels are just created because people love games and they wanted to share this to others. Truth is, individuals such as gamers can now make money by starting a YouTube channel. Gaming contents are popular and widely sought by lots of gamers all over the world. So it therefore makes sense that creating or starting a YouTube channel can guarantee you cash.


These are actually just few of the many ways on how to make money as a gamer. By doing your own research, you can still discover lot more ways to obtain cash and at the same time enjoy the gaming field.


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